• Grading Belts

Mudansha Grading April 2017

Get ready for the new step in Aikido journey - prepare your techniques and step into a new level. Register with your instructor for [...]

  • Aikido Grading Kids

Good Friday Easter Break

Good Friday, the 14th of April 2017, will be no classes at Mumei Shudan Dojo and Anchorvale CC. However, the Easter Sunday classes are still [...]

  • Mumei Shudan 8th Anniversary

Schedule Updates

Mumei Shudan Selegie Road Dojo classes are scheduled as follows: Day Time Details Tuesday 10-11am Aikido Beginners Tuesday 7:30-9pm General Aikido Training Tuesday 9-10pm Iaido/Kenjutsu [...]

  • 8th Anniversary Celebration

8th Anniversary Celebration

Mumei Shudan Dojo is celebrating 8th Anniversary since we officially started in January 2009 at Substation on Armenian Street in Singapore. Now with about [...]

  • Takasaki IAF 2016. Yoko Okamoto Sensei and Christian Tissier Sensei

IAF 2016 Takasaki

Serge Beraud Sensei and 5 students enjoyed International Aikido Federation Seminar in Takasaki. Lots of good practice with great teachers and friends. Many bonding meals and [...]

  • NTU SRC Sports and Recreation Centre

NTU Aikido Club

Mumei Shudan Aikido Classes at Nanyang Technology University (NTU) are open for NTU students and employees during the semester term on Wednesdays 7:30pm-9pm and Saturdays [...]

  • Anchorvale Community Club

Anchorvale CC

Situated on the east bank of the Punggol River, the Anchorvale Community Centre is the first CC to be co-located with a Sports and Recreation [...]

  • Selegie Road

149C Selegie Road

Mumei Shudan Aikido Dojo is located at 149C Selegie Road 188314 in Selegie Court building. We are in the Singapore downtown, walking distance from MRT [...]


Serge Sensei learned from several major aikido teachers over the last 40 years. He consolidated and structured his knowledge and shares it with all his students and guests. After many years, each and every class brings some new discovery and exploration. And amazing to see the students growing so fast.


The weapons class with Thierry is so relaxing and yet, so intense!


Aikido has been helping with my daily stress from work. On top of that, I’ve never been in such a good shape.


New to Aikido, Serge Sensei ensured that my learning experience every week with more experienced students did not hinder my ability to progress. Attentive and caring, he ensures that each student are properly guided during the session.

Serge has nearly 40 years of experience in Aikido including 5 years at the Hombu dojo in Tokyo. Serge Sensei has trained under the guidance of the late Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba, Yamaguchi sensei, Osawa sensei and Endo sensei. In France, he trained under the guidance of Christian Tissier Shihan.
25 years of experience in Aikido including 5 years at the San Diego Aikikai, Thierry Sensei received a Birankai instructor certificate and his Aikikai 5th Dan in 2014.
Adrian started Aikido in Singapore in 2000 and took a sabbatical in 2005 to train under David Scott Sensei of Australia Aikikai. He returned to Singapore in 2006 and has been teaching since. He specialized in teaching teenagers and kids. He’s head instructor at Anchorvale Community Center. Adrian received People Association Merit Star Trainer Award in 2014 for this outstanding care and concern towards students.
His wife Grace and his both sons are assisting all classes.
Oly was introduced to Aikido in 2002 in Heidelberg, Germany. After moving to Singapore in 2005, Oly rolled across many dojos and seminars in Asia and beyond and continues to be a devoted student of Serge Sensei and Thierry Sensei. Oly has led the Kids and Beginners classes since 2010 and assists Serge Sensei at NTU Aikido Club.
Oly holds 3rd Dan. She took part to prepare and was enrolled into Aikido Instructor course in Mumei Shudan Dojo in 2010.

Selegie Road

Anchorvale Community Center


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