Schedule @ 149C Selegie Road

Mumei Shudan Aikido Class Schedule Please check schedule of our classes at Mumei Shudan Dojo at 149C Selegie Road * For morning classes please call 91121193 or text us to confirm your attendance. All Aikidoka (students) are advised to arrive 20 minutes before the training start time.The schedule is accurate as on the 1st [...]

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Grading Calendar October-December 2011

Dear Mumei Aikidokas, We confirmed following dates for exams for the rest of the year 2011: NTU 22nd October Saturday Adults 16th December Friday Kids 18th December Sunday Please make sure to register for appropriate grading and confirm your level and attendance. Happy training and good luck with your test!

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NTU Aikido Semester Commencing

Welcome back to school! We hope you had a great holiday visiting families, traveling and hanging around! Our first aikido training of the semester will be on Wednesday 11th of January, same time 7:30 to 9:00pm, same place Activity Room 1 (AR1). This semester we will miss Jeremy Huang, club president, who left on exchange [...]

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NTU Aikido Semester Commencing

Welcome back to school! We hope you had a great holiday. Our first aikido training of the semester will be on 17th August, Wednesday, same time 7.30 to 9.00pm, same place Activity Room 1 (AR1). NTU Aikido Club

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Tuesday 9th of August Singapore National Day Classes

Dear Mumei Aikidokas, we are ready to conduct both Aikido and Iaido classes on Tuesday, 9th of August 2011 on National Day of Singapore. To confirm your attendance, please use Poll to vote for a class. Thanks and throw you soon.

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Grading Calendar November-December 2010

Dear Mumei Aikidokas, Please note the schedule for upcoming gradings: Friday 12th of November 2010 Yudansha Aikikai Grading with Christian Tissier Saturday 20th of November 2010 Mudansha Grading at NTU Thursday 9th of December 2010 Mudansha Grading at Selegie Dojo Check minimum technical and attendance requirements and don't forget to pre-register for your next grade. [...]

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Grading March 2010

Grading at Substation will be conducted on Thursday, 25th of March. Grading at NTU Aikido Club Dojo will be conducted on Saturday, 27th of March, the last class of this semester.

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Mumei Shudan Dojo starts at NTU Aikido Club

From January 2010 Mumei Shudan instructors are teaching at Nanyang Technology University (NTU) Aikido Club in Singapore. We have Wednesday and Saturday classes and it's already a noticable progress of regular trainings! Serge Sensei was also teaching a joint class of NTU and National University of Singapore in February and it was a real good [...]

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Perfect Cut Iaido classes are focused on the perfection of sword drawing and cutting. Great together with Aikido or as a separate pursuit to this beautiful Japanese Art. We are practicing Muso Shinden-Ryu, one of the types of Iaido practice (iaijutsu) and includes few katas that require progressive skills building. Thierry Diagana Sensei is [...]

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Real Stuff! Kenjutsu or weapon exercise is a great complement to Aikido hand technique (Taijutsu) and emphasizes principles of distance, position, danger and speed of attack. We practice kata and kumitachi with a pair of jo, bokken, or mix of two. Kenjutsu class is held every Saturday from 8:30 to 10am at the Fort [...]

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