Takeshi Yamashima visit to Singapore is just over, all of us had enormous joy of practicing with the soft and gentle power, warming up soul and body! Focus on the centre changes perspective of aikido, opening new way into harmony of contact with the partner.


Thanks for all the friends joining us for classes at our main Substation Dojo as well as weekend seminar at OnePeople.sg. Thanks to Shoshin Dojo for help in organization and personal gratitude to Harry Ng Sensei, Freddie Leong Sensei and Ah Hee Sensei for active help on the mat.

Serge, Thierry Senseis and Nathalie were sweating most to show good ukemi, and everybody worked hard long hours on the mat. Keep good practice and we will have more events in the future!

If you have any pictures from the seminar, please share it with info@mumeishudan.com. We will share pictures and videos through “Mumei Aikido Dojo” group page on Facebook.

Pictures from Susann are available here:

http://picasaweb.google.co.jp/aikidosingapore or http://picasaweb.google.com/aikidosingapore