Announcements of Mumei Shudan Dojo Schedule updates due to public holidays, seminars and other reasons.

Grading Kids and Adults – 14th Sept 2018

Get ready for the new step in Aikido journey – prepare your techniques and step into a new level. Grading: 9:00am - Kids Grading 10:00am - Adults Grading Register with your instructor for the grading. Most importantly practice makes perfect! Visit us @

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Schedule Updates

Mumei Shudan Selegie Road Dojo classes are scheduled as follows: Day Time Details Tuesday 10-11am Aikido Beginners Tuesday 7:30-9pm General Aikido Training Tuesday 9-10pm Iaido/Kenjutsu Thursday 7:30-9pm Aikido Fundamentals (beginners and Advanced) Thursday 9-10pm Aiki Jutsu - Weapon Focused Techniques Friday 10-11am Aikido Beginners Friday 6:15-7:15pm Aikido Beginners Friday 7:30-9pm Aikido Training Sunday 3-4pm Kids [...]

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NTU Aikido Semester Commencing

Welcome back to school! We hope you had a great holiday visiting families, traveling and hanging around! Our first aikido training of the semester will be on Wednesday 11th of January, same time 7:30 to 9:00pm, same place Activity Room 1 (AR1). This semester we will miss Jeremy Huang, club president, who left on exchange [...]

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